Bezoss Syringe Filters

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Syringe Filters are in our stock. You can contact us for your needs of this product. You can also find a table about product codes, materials, calibers and micron informations of products.

ProductBEZOSS Code
PVDF 0,45um / 33 mm caliberBZS33PVDF045L
PVDF 0,22um / 33 mm caliberBZS33PVDF022L
RC 0,45um / 25 mm caliberBZS25RC045
RC 0,22um / 25 mm caliberBZS25RC022
PTFE 0,45um / 25 mm caliberBZS25PTFE045L
PTFE 0,22um/ 25 mm caliberBZS25PTFE022L
Nylon 0,45um / 33 mm caliberBZS33NY045
Nylon 0,45um / 25 mm caliberBZS25NY045
Nylon 0,22um / 25 mm caliberBZS25NY022
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